Charm Necklaces

Sterling Silver Necklace and Charms
Sterling Silver Necklace and one charm
$49 for a limited time!

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Additional Disks - $10 each


"Everywhere I go people always ask me where I got my necklace and charms!  You can put the names or initials of your loved ones on the charms.  Makes a great gift for you and those you love!"

Maximum letters per disk size
Large: up to 9 letters
Medium: up to 7 letters
Small: up to 6 letters

call 513-444-7256 to place an order
or email
(order additional disks for only $10)
price as shown is $69

A special note about this jewelry and the refund policy:  All sterling silver disks are hand-stamped and individual letters and numbers may not be perfectly straight or aligned.  This adds to the uniqueness and charm of your one-of-a-kind piece made just for you.  Your jewelry purchase is not refundable if there is a difference of opinion in the alignment of your letters.  The bottom line is that we want Sew Lavish customers to be happy.  If we make a mistake (such as misspelling a name)  then we will of course refund your purchase or remake your item.  If you make a mistake or change your mind after the order is placed, then there is no refund.  Sew Lavish will of course work to keep you as a satisfied customer.